sQuareOne Art Auction update

The SquareOne Art for Auction date has changed to Friday the 12th of September, 6pm-9pm at the Mori Gallery, 168 Day Street, Sydney. So make sure you update your diaries or you’ll turn up to an empty gallery, the crumbs of cake (if there is going to be cake, I hope so) being carried away by rats and mice, actually I’m sure they are really clean at the Mori Gallery so maybe no mice or rats.

Are you an emerging artist? Would you like to have your artwork auctioned off? If so, get in touch with:

Natalie Aylward
sQuareOne Art Auction Coordinator,
Vibewire Inc via e-mail: natalie[at]vibewire.net
The submission date ends on the 1st of September.

Here’s the facebook event for more info and feel free to spread the word.

Amanda and I will both have artworks in the auction/exhibition as well as many other talented artists so please do come check it out!

Also, don’t forget Verge Zine fair is coming up on the 11th of September, more information on that in previous posts.

Lastly, don’t forget we love to trade zines so please feel compelled to send your zines to us at:

Tiny Paper Hearts
P.O. Box 392
Newtown, 2042
Nsw, Australia.

That’s it!



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3 responses to “sQuareOne Art Auction update

  1. Jon

    I went last year and it was a great night. We’ve given it another plug on http://www.weekendnotes.com. Hopefully they’ll have a good turn out this year.

  2. I was going to submit this, but then I’d have to get it printed…

  3. tinypaperhearts

    Hey Jon, awesome website, I have swiftly subscribed so you can fill me in on all the stuff that’s happening around sydney. I didn’t know about it last years auction/exhibition, so I too hope its really good!

    Hey shane, your image didn’t come up! Perhaps you could repost it…

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