Sydney Street Art Festival

Sydney Street Art Festival starts in the 1st of October and wants you to get involved!
“ST2K showcases the best in Sydney’s street art & culture! Be part of the many live art events happening at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre celebrating stencil art, street art, zines, design, DIY & more! Check out emerging artists and their DIY goodies!

Events include ST2K exhibition, live art jam, workshops, stencil masterclasses, a live zine day, street art market, graf-research lab and more! Artists and the public are invited to participate in all live art events! Everyone is welcome!”

Want to get involved?
Contact Christie Torrington:
Ph: 02 9245 1520

Check out Pine Street Creative Centre



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2 responses to “Sydney Street Art Festival

  1. hey is this still on, would love to check it out this year if it is..

    nice blog by the way too.. good to see people getting behind stuff like street art etc..


  2. Hi Christie et al. This looks great. I’ll definitely come down and hopefully write a few stories about the big event. As a fellow art lover I thought you might be interest in last night’s launch of Das 500 ( Das Superpaper’s new online platform. I have written a little spiel about it on my blog. Id be stoked if you checked it out!

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