SquareOne art exhibition and auction

Here’s just a taste of some of the stuff we’re working on for an upcoming art auction in September.

It’s being held at the Mori Gallery (168 Day St Sydney) to raise funds for the art space SquareOne which is a project run by the non-gov, non-profit youth media + arts organisation Vibewire. The actual exhibition and auction is on September 13th but if there are any kids out there who want to donate their mad skills in the form of art you have up to September 1st to send or hand it into SquareOne in Ultimo.

The deal is:

“We are asking artists to donate a work of art. It may be of any size
or format, but we ask that you send us a description of the work
incuding it’s title, dimensions, media, and if possible, a photograph.
All works will be auctioned on the night; 80% of the money raised will
go to SquareOne, & 20% will go back to you – the artist.”

If you want any more info about this email natalie [at] vibewire.net for all the details. Either way you should pencil it into your diaries, it looks like it’ll be a great night.

x panda



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3 responses to “SquareOne art exhibition and auction

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  2. these stiches are so precise. how do you do it?

  3. tinypaperhearts

    just patience and a fine needle i guess! and a willingness to untie knots.

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