Emergency Post! Jura Books Zine Fair Today

Jura Books is holding a Zine Fair today. Get down there and have a look around! NB: Sorry about the tardiness in my posting about this, I’ve been out of town and actually didn’t know it was on.

Start: 27 Jul 2008 – 14:00
End: 27 Jul 2008 – 19:00

Jura Bookshop
440 Parramatta Road
(near Crystal Street)

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HUGE show and zine fair fundraiser for Food Not Bombs.

There will be:
* rad bands(check back for updates!) including cripple gypsy, the thaw and bare arms
* spoken word (including fez)
* food food food!
* baked sweet treats
* zine stalls
* pinata
* other associated awesomeness!

Help us make money to purchase a van for rad dumpstering trips, more servings and other community uses.
Contact Email:
Contact Name:


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One response to “Emergency Post! Jura Books Zine Fair Today

  1. Nooo! That would have been fun and now it’s gone gone gone. x

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