Zine Trades

Yo ho diablo, here are some of the zines we have collected from this years zine fairs.

Cloud Television
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This lovely little A6 zine is full of poetry by Emma Markala and and a mix of black/white and colour illustrations by Helen Nehill. They also have another collaboration called Dollar Zine


emmazone [at] yahoo.com

h.nehill [at] hotmail.com

Check out Bower Bird Blues blog spot for more info.


Mixtape Baby
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This serial A6 mixtape zine by Daniel is up to its second issue and includes guides on how to make mixtapes, a variety of themed mixtape lists and other musical musings. He also writes Sugar, Sugar with Annabelle – an A to Z of childhood foods.


Cardboard Collective
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There are currently four issues of this A5 collaborative zine which is a mix of illustrations, writings, photos and more. Each issue has an individually stencilled cardboard cover to house its precious pages and it’s a really nice handmade touch.


cardboardcollective [at] gmail.com


The Ghost of Soy Mocha and Friends
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This once-off A5 zine written and illustrated by Ben is a collection of comic strips including the flava flav pigeon and Sonic in a way you’ve never seen before.


gamon [at] hotmail.com



Spilled Ink

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This gruesomely funny zine is mainly written and illustrated by Dom and Sebastian (with occasional guest stars), Spilled Ink is an A5 zine up to issue #4 and includes comic strips, illustrations and the occasional letter to Nat Bass. To check out more of their stuff click on their website for photo-comics, prints and collaborative folding men.


cryingoverspilledink [at] hotmail.com


Where to find?

Available at Paint it Black in Newtown and at your local Sydney zine fair.


Feels Like Friday
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Written by Ivana Stab, Feels Like Friday is up to issue #6 and is an A6 perzine of both non-fiction writings that deal with suburban angst and issues of identity mixed in with carefully chosen song lyrics and non-fiction poetry and stories. She is also one half of TEETH with Annie Ly.

ivanaforpresident [at] hotmail.com



That’s it for now. And if you are thinking “Damn, those bitches didn’t write about my zine!” never fear (and wash out your mouth with soap, potty mouth) because we will eventually get around to writing about all the zines we have collected this year.

Don’t forget to trade zines with us via snail mail:

Tiny Paper Hearts

P.O. Box 392

Newtown NSW 2042




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One response to “Zine Trades

  1. Lamberto

    hey lady- thanks for the shout out, and for throwing around some names, i’ll be checking them all out. Also, the next issue will be floating around soon, so i’ll send one your way!

    Cheers again.

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