We want your zines!

Guess what? Tiny paper hearts wants to trade zines with you and we don’t want to wait till the next zine fair which is months away. Not only that we want to spread the word about your zine all over the interweb. We are going to start cataloguing the zines we receive as a sort of zine database & reference for people out there looking for new reading material.

So send your zines to our new P.O. Box:

Tiny Paper Hearts
P.O. Box 392
Newtown NSW 2042

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

Be sure to specify which zine you want to trade for, you can find all of our zines here.

Also if you want to be added to the database make sure to include a contact email, phone number or address where their zines can be purchased.

Get posting!
The Fetus



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5 responses to “We want your zines!

  1. Hmm…I think you already have all my/our zines. But we’re cooking up some more…

  2. tinypaperhearts

    We are going to do some write-ups on the ones we got at the last couple of zine fairs so don’t worry you guys will be included!

  3. Lamberto

    ooooh- okay, i’ll make sure to send you a copy of our zine every month, for tradies. How much does the P.O box cost?

  4. tinypaperhearts

    Excellent! Check out the australia post website. We just got a small one which was about $70 for a year.

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