This Is Not Art (T.I.N.A)

This Is Not Art is Australia’s premier independent, emerging and experimental arts festival held in Newcastle, Australia. This year again they will be hosting a Zine Fair as part of the National Young Writers’ Festival Zine and Independent Publishing Fair on Sunday 5th October at Civic Park In Newcastle. Check out the website for more information about booking a stall, they have not yet opened registration for this event, so if you are interested you should keep your eyes on the website for updates.

Last year they were really great markets, not only were there zine and comic stalls but also craft ones as well, so if you are into crafts you are still welcome to have a stall.



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One response to “This Is Not Art (T.I.N.A)

  1. I’m feeling more and more alienated from TINA as the years go on. I feel like the actual festival really doesn’t give a shite about zines, and the response I’ve had from the organisers has been very cold. I’m thinking of only going up for the zine fair day though I might be swayed by the babes at comic rehab to go up and represent!
    Love you guys! Thanks for coming on the panel!

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