Thank you to all who came to the MCA zine fair today. It was huge & very busy. If you have now just discovered Tiny paper Hearts, please feel free to have a look at our Etsy to get your hands on all our new stuff, including: Badges, bags, zines and more.

Also make sure you check back here regularly because we update regularly about upcoming events such as zine fairs, markets, exhibitions and festivals.

Tiny Paper Hearters



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2 responses to “MCA ZINE FAIR WRAP-UP

  1. Melanie

    Hey guys, at the Zine Fair held at the MCA I bought and loved Epitah for my Heart #1-3! Definitely going to keep an eye on your online blog. xx

  2. tinypaperhearts

    Hi Melanie so glad you liked them! Hopefully Amanda will have Epitaph #4 by the kinokuniya zine fair! Thanks for finding us! xx

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