Oh come on!

We’ll, host.dump, the delightful image upload system that puts a big dirty watermark of their name on your photos has decided to screw up, so you will notice that all our images are mysteriously missing in action. I will fix this later, but right now its all about zines and badges. Sorry for the lack of technical support.

I have fixed all the posts and tediously replaced all the images. And just to show you I’m not lying here is a picture of some of our stuff:

Now to break up with Hostdump.

Dear Hostdump,
You are dumped. I’m sick of your flakey service and gross & obtrusive watermarking. 

Not yours anymore
Tiny Paper Hearters



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2 responses to “Oh come on!

  1. tinypaperhearts

    you’re so fast all the dj’s say damn, if rhyme was a drug you’d sell it by the gram.

  2. amnesia says : I absolutely agree with this !

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