MCA Zine Fair

Everybody’s talking about it and with over 50 stalls, live music and artist panels, the MCA Zine Fair looks like a winner! Tiny Paper Hearts will be there, as usual with so much new stuff you are going to cream. And don’t even worry about going out to find an overpriced can of coke and stale scone from the bakery across the road (that’s right I’m trash talking you jerks) because we will have delicious and FREE vegan gingerbread cookies for you. Facebook alone says there is over 650 people attending so you’d be a tad silly to not attend, so don’t be shy!

Here’s the updated flyer with all the details

See you there!
The Fetus



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2 responses to “MCA Zine Fair

  1. Right before a CERTAIN SOMEONE’s birthday I believe!
    Thanks for putting us on your blogroll.



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