D.I.Y Exhibition this Friday!

Nerds, Words and other Disasters
6pm friday 9th May opening night runs till the 20th
open 10-5 weekdays for viewing

An exhibition of street artists, zine makers and D.I.Y. freaks and other strangeness at the Pine St. Creative Arts Centre, Chippendale. There will live art during the opening and affordable artist merch including stickers, shirts, zines, badges and more. Curated by trouble maker Chris Tamm and featuring talents of: Fetus, Ms Helen, Licky, SMC, Vars, Felix, Snookie, Bunkwaa, Dwippy, Konsumterra, 7U, Clara Tsara and many more amazing characters who might be at the opening.

Also the launch for crashcorporation.com celebrating 10 years of disobedience


I will be there, with a display of all things fetus, accompanied by my new 20 paged black and white, hand crafted cover Zine, so please come and get them while they are hot!

See you there!


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