Newtown Markets this Saturday

Hello cyberpunks! Well its that time of the month again…that’s right its Newtown Markets this weekend. The Newtown Markets occur on the last weekend of each month and it is a mix of handmade wares, pre-loved items including clothing, shoes, books and much more. They’ll be music, local art, maybe Chess Club and lots of lovely welcoming friendly people.

Where: At the Hub In Newtown (opposite Newtown Station, can’t miss it)
When: It should be pumping by 10 am right through the day.

Of course due to the weather lately if it rains we probably won’t go, we’ll keep you posted!



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39 responses to “Newtown Markets this Saturday

  1. Melinda

    hi just wondering how you can enter newtown markets?

  2. tinypaperhearts

    Newtown Markets are great because you don’t have to book a spot, you just turn up on the day and set up a stall for yourself. Sometimes a $5 donation is required, but only usually when a band or music has been organised for it. Also, if you do want to do the markets, you should turn up quite early to get a good spot, 7 o’clock onwards.

  3. John

    Did I give you some stamped envelopes?
    Do you want some more?
    Let me know . . . Ciao . . . John

  4. Tania

    i sell Punk & gothic mens & woman clothing
    do you think this market would be suitable?
    also do you have the adress?

  5. tinypaperhearts

    Definitely! The hub, where they its held outside, is on King st just across from newtown train station, you can miss it really. If you are driving I suggest parking in australia street which is located behind actual the hub.

  6. Steph

    just want to double check – is it on sat or sunday?

  7. tinypaperhearts

    Yep, the markets for november are this Saturday the 29th

  8. Maddy Phelan

    harro harro! I am wondering, as I have no experience with newtown markets, is it happening this month? I would very much like to go and sell my pre-loveds + zines, but am afraid of the embarrassment of turning up at 7am to find… nobody!

  9. tinypaperhearts

    Hey Maddy! As far as we know it’s still being held on the 28th of this month, Meggs and I were thinking of doing it too so we sure hope so!

  10. Maddy Phelan

    hooray! Natalie and Andy and I will come for sure. We have many things… Hope we see you there!

    And might I say, this is a very well-organised blog you have. Great job!

  11. Asher

    Hi there, just wondering when the next market will be held???
    Is it this Saturday the 21st of Feb or the 28th??

  12. tinypaperhearts

    i would say saturday 28th of feb

  13. Shelly

    Does anyone know if there will be markets on sat 11th April?

  14. Newtown markets always happen at the end of each month, so the next date for the markets would be April 25th

  15. Kate

    Hi there,

    I’m really keen to go and set up a stall at the newtown markets, but have no idea how to go about it…is there someone i need to call to book a stall? How much is it to have a stall there?
    would love any help on this.
    thanking you!

  16. Hi Kate,
    All you need to do is turn up on the last saturday of the month, quite early if you want a decent spot, and set up your stall. It is generally free, but sometimes someone will come around and ask for a $5 donation, but not always. We don’t know of any contact details, but the other regular stall holders are friendly and I am sure they will help you out if you aren’t sure. Hope you see you there sometime.

    Hope this help

  17. Olivia

    I was wondering if the Newtown Markets were on this month (July)?
    Also, do they sell cheap clothes there?
    thanks πŸ™‚

  18. Hi Olivia! As far as we know the markets are still being run the last Saturday of each month. There are usually people selling second hand/hand made clothes but it just depends who shows up.

  19. Kisu

    I was wondering if anyone knew when the next Market date is?

  20. Hi Kisu,

    The markets are still being run the last Saturday of every month so for August it will be the 29th.

  21. Jennie

    hey there.

    I am so excited to participate New town markets

    on the last saturday of this month as a seller!!

    This is my first time to sell something in the public in my whole life, so I’m sure its gonna be so much fun. !!

    I will see you there!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  22. Jacqueline

    Hi there! Recently I have discovered I am extremely interested and quite awesome at tie dying… I’ve gone crazy with Bonds singlets and now am thinking of selling these at Newtown.. Do you think I would fit into the seen with my little tie dye stall? And how much do you usually sell your stuff for?? Price range suggestions?
    Very excited about the Oct 31st market! What a great idea!

  23. Hi Jac! Unfortunately the Newtown DIY markets won’t be on in October because of the Under the Blue Moon festival but I’m sure your singlets would definitely fit in otherwise. I don’t know about a price range but most of the stuff there is towards the cheap-medium range. Maybe check it out one month before you go? x Amanda

  24. merry

    hi-i am keen to sell my wares at the market. i am selling beautiful beaded hangers-loads of different colours and shapes. do you think the newtown markets would be a good place? also does one have to bring one’s own table? if you could help that would be great.
    best wishes

  25. Hey Merry,
    We are sure that you’d fit right in, definitely worth going one weekend to see how you do. Its basically free to set up (sometimes someone collects $5 as a donation but not always), you will need to bring your own table and anything you need. Get there bright and early for a good spot out of the sun (people get there as earlier than 6am, but you could arrive at 7 or 8 and get a nice spot). Good luck with it!

  26. Van

    hi all

    I have some great stuff for the Newtown Market
    of New age description with some recycled great new age, punk, goth clothes? see you all this Saturday

  27. Thao

    Hi There,

    I’m very interested in participate this month, do you happen to know when the market will be avaiable next?
    So with the matter of getting a spot, is it like first in first service? Is there any limits to what or how many things your able to bring and sell? It would be great if you can help.
    Thank you!

  28. Hi Thao! As far as we know the markets are still run on the last Saturday of each month, but there are occasionally stalls each Saturday depending on who turns up. We aren’t involved in organising them or anything but when we last went it was on a first come basis with regards to getting a spot and there was no limit on what you can sell.

  29. Ephy

    Hey, I have loads of clothes….way too many. I can’t fit them in my room anymore. I need to sell them. So the next Newtown markets would be on the 27th of February? and I don’t need to book….just turn up right? what time do I come? and what time does it end?

  30. Hi Ephy,
    We don’t actually run the markets but as far as we know the next ones would be the 27th February. Turn up as early you can because you’ll normally find people setting up before 7am but other than that it’s very casual. You can leave whatever time you want. Hope that helps, Amanda

  31. Kazmar

    This looks like a great venue for my new venture of no drip, no stick handmade coasters – will they be on this month – Sat 27th??? Is it still just turn up and hope for the best.

  32. nikki

    hi people
    im a palm reader, i was thinking of setting up a table, would that be appropriate? Im keep to share my skills

  33. DwyerDesignCo

    I’m incredibly interested – I do retro-style artworks!
    Are the markets still on this year?
    Sat 31st July 2010?

  34. Hi, we don’t run the markets or really set up there ourselves so I cannot say if your stuff would sell or not. All I can say is give it go and see what happens. Hope this helps!

  35. Hi person, I have no idea if it would be appropriate or not, we don’t run the markets or attend them. Best thing to do is just go and set up your table and see what happens.
    Hope this helps.

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  37. gem

    hi i am really interested in seting up at stall this sat, just wondering if it will be on and all we do is turn up n set up or do we need to organise a spot?
    thanx gem:)

  38. Alison

    Do the markets still happen and is your 2008 reply regarding the cost still apply? Are stall holders covered by any insurance?

  39. Hi! Great blog! Just wanted to know if the markets are on the 30th June? I am hoping to bring along some of my candles to sell, check out my blog for pics!


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